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The only constant in life is change, and when change happens fast, its easy to lose yourself along the way.

Why not find yourself instead? 

we provide an experience that allows you to wholeheartedly reconnect with yourself - body, mind, and spirit.

Personalized private yoga sessions allow you cultivate pristine moments of peace and acceptance, in the comfort of you own home, at the optimal time for you.

Moments like these intentionally strung together make a world of difference when stepping into a new chapter in life, and not knowing what's going to happen next.

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How do we know?

Mallory, the founder of Free Flowing Frequencies, is a yoga instructor in long term recovery from alcohol and drug addition. With almost 2 years sober, she knows what its like to go through tough transitions, and to lose what seems to be part of your own identity.

When Mallory first got sober, she had to say goodbye her old self in the midst of a transformative time.

Yoga helped her to graciously greet her new self beginning to shine through, while honoring and holding space in a safe environment for the pain and confusion showing up though all the change.


Practicing in a studio can feel vulnerable and overwhelming, especially when going through major transformation.

That's why Mallory brings the yoga to you. 

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Who it's for

Mallory has worked with a variety of clients including:

- A woman grieving the loss of her brother*

-A woman grieving the loss of her dog

-Addicts recovering from drug addiction

- Brides preparing for their weddings

-Travelers passing through Las Vegas*

-Individuals going through divorce 

-A war veteran recovering from PTSD

*client tried yoga for their first time with Mallory